Dust Off That Record..It’s Time To Dance!

So here’s this old Puck, singing the same old song and dance! He’s pretty good at it. He should be. He’s had way to much practice!

Disability was supposed to save this worn out Puck! He was finally going to be able to retire this tune. Put it on the back shelf. Let it gather some dust. worn out rec

Instead, he had to pull out the old polish. Give the record a spit shine. Make it look new again. It’s not new. It’s only getting older. It’s showing the wear and tear of too much playing. This record is starting to wobble on a worn out jukebox that is losing power.



Pucky has had so many jobs, so many rounds on the player, he can’t even get near the count anymore. 20 times through the greatest hit’s over the past 10 years? 

Yah….This record’s getting old. No..it IS old!

No company cares that the jukebox is losing power. No company cares that the hits aren’t hit’s anymore. No company cares that the Puck is losing memory.

Those bills don’t pay themselves!

There’s only one thing left to do.

Somebody hit play…..



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