California Dreamin’ Pucky Style!


northern cal b 2
Beautiful San Fransisco Beaches!


Being the start of Summer, Pucky is doing some California Dreaming! He’s thinking back to the younger days, when his Puck was shiny and new. Back to a simpler time.

When Pucky was young he got to go to California every summer for a month! His older grandparent Pucks owned property right across the street from one of the biggest fresh water lakes in all of California. Imagine a month of swimming, fishing, skiing, diving, running down to the lake naked at night to skinny dip. Yah, those where the days!

clear lake
Just As I Remember IT!


The lake was only about 1 hour out of San Fransisco, so on several occasions Pucky got to go into the city. Those were great memories! The pier had all the newest video games to try out. For you younger Pucks, these were actually machines you put quarters in to play. Pucky remembers seeing a game called “Dragons Lair” there for the first time. Some of you Pucks out there may remember it. It was done with animation. It was the first game to utilize that type of technology. At the time, it was considered ground braking.

dragons lair

Now These Were Video Games!


Then there was the beach. Oh the beach. Pucky’s favorite thing to do at the beach besides looking awkwardly at all the naked people (the 70’s, ’nuff said), was to dig for sand crabs. They were fun to catch because when  you got one, it would tickle the palm of your hand. They were pretty small, but very stimulating. That’s what Pucky loved, the stimulation of the nerves in the hand.

sand crab
Tickle, Tickle!


Pucky also loved the sensation of chocolate and whipped cream. No better place to get that than at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Those shakes and malts were divine. 

The One and Only, Ghirirdelli!


These experiences were all grand and wonderful, but paled in comparison to the adrenaline rush of flying down the winding hills of San Fran, holding on to the outer rails of a Trolley. Now that was  sheer excitement and panic, all wrapped up in one!

Hold On Tight!


Memories……Cherished memories :). Pucky may not have much of a traveling life now, but then….back in the day….Pucky had a magical ride!






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