Pucky was on the Precipice of Success…


Precipice (and Core, there’s no difference) of a Yogi

Pucky was riding high, then he fell Ass first into a pile of nothingness.  He thought he had the World by the tail. “Pucks like me. They really do”, Pucky thought as he read all the comments and looked at all the likes he was getting for his first few blogs.  But then just when he was flying high, when he was at his zenith, the precipice of success, reality set in.

Comments and likes started drying up like the Sahara Desert did millions of years ago.  No one wanted to hear Pucky’s story anymore.  He was back to being a lonely Puck awash in all the hustle, bustle of what seemed to be every other Pucks life.

It’s ok. He’s used to being a loner. At least he has some very loyal Pucks, those who really care about his wants and needs. In the end, that’s all that matters. It’s all that’s really mattered to Pucky!

Pucky really is a Lucky Ducky :))).


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